I wish I had a better way to say this, but in all honesty, ‘I don’t’. The truth is, not too many people are really happy, content or at peace, when things around them are not going well.

What am I talking about; you’d wonder.

I am talking about the prevalent issues that has plagued you and I and every average individual living in this country.

I am talking about the problems that never seems to go away, no matter what is done, who is doing it, what is promised to be done and eventually what is left undone.

These problems have been there before you and so many of us were born, and to a certain extent, they seem to still live with us.

Even at this very stage of our lives: problems like food, electricity, basic infrastructure, education, security, transportation and good governance are difficulties synonymous with the country – Nigeria.

Nigerians, continue to attribute these problems to corruption and corrupt practices to their everyday living, justifying the same word to each and every problem that is faced as a black race, problems which has engulfed the common man’s thought pattern, concluding that his own fellow man is supposed to live in a particular way for things to work; but it is all far from the truth and facts.

The greatest problem Nigeria and Nigerians face today, is far from corruption, neither is it stemmed from bad leadership, ethnicity, infrastructural deficiencies, proposed lack in equal distribution of wealth and resources nor is it the perceived problems attributing to our nation as a whole.

The real problem facing the natural course of development in any country (including ours) isn’t any of the aforementioned, nor is it prevalent creation from something or anything beyond the cause of a human
understanding and capacity;

The greatest problem Nigeria has faced from its time of freedom from her white skinned contemporaries, is the entity, that individual you see each time you wake up in the morning to look in the mirror. ‘YES’, I said it –

Nigeria’s problem is you and I.
The capacity of any kind of evil and its actions in any form of practice (i.e. corruption and its cohort) is not spurned or capitalized by animals or spirits from beyond human aptitude:

I am simply saying that whatever problem we face today as a country, is purely a design of our own immediate artistry.

We are the ones who internalize and practice nepotism, favouritism, tribalism and its associates, such that we are the ones who conduct elections, we are the ones who choose and insist on the candidates ‘knowing their pedigrees’, nefarious characters, criminal tendencies and the capabilities to perpetrate reprehensible engagements to assume the position of leadership to govern us.

These leaders eventually come into power and choose to act differently to the agreed directions, subjecting their people to untold hardship and then we are the ones ‘who’ still decide on complaining.

I really do wonder why.
These candidates didn’t just stand up and assume these positions, they are an embodiment of our internalization and creation, they are fruits from the same trees we planted – so it will suffice to say that we eat what we plant.

No one in any capacity will suddenly decide to stand over your rights or trample on your personality as a fellow human without your consent, docility or ignorance.

The hand that is dealt at a table is dealt back in measured folds; so our leaders are carrying out our own proposed internal agendas no matter how people choose to look at it.

So if there is any unrest on how people are being treated or ruled over, the same people should come together to usurp the person in the position of power, take it upon themselves to set appropriate standards on how they wish to be managed.

These annotations are just a miniscule of my immense observations of where we are to where we should be – this is my introduction – I look to speak with you all again

Otunba Abayomi Odunowo (OAO)
The convener of the Good Movement in Nigeria (GMN).

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